Modified 4 v 4 Rules for Soccer for Under-8 (ages 6 and 7)

Law I              Field Dimensions shall be 30 yards by 50 yards with a halfway line and a center circle with a 5yd radius. Goals shall be 6 x 12 ft. Goal area is 3yds from each post x 3yds deep. Penalty area is 14 x 35yds.


Law II            Ball size 3


Law III           Number of Players Format is 4 v 4 with No goalkeeper. ( Max is 7 rostered/team ). Each ready, willing and able player must play at least 50% of each game if at least 2/team show up. Substitutions may be made with the permission of the referee for Injury or at the Quarter.


Law IV           Equipment Shin guards required. Nothing dangerous to any player (jewelry).


Law V            Referee One neutral official (Game Manager) shall be allocated to every match.  Infractions will be briefly explained to the players


Law VII         Duration of Game shall be (4) 10-minute periods. A 5-min. break at halftime and 2 min. between quarters.


Law VIII        Start of Play - Winner of coin toss decides which end to attack. Ball must move slightly forward (not backward). Kicker may not kick the ball a second time until another player touches the ball. Opponents must be 5 yards from the center mark.


Law IX           Ball In and Out of Play See Laws XV, XVI, XVII.


Law X            Method of Scoring - No official score will be recorded.


Law XI           Offside No offside. Referee, however, may discourage "goal-hanging".


Law XII         Fouls and Misconducts Conform to FIFA Except: Referee will explain all infractions to the offending player


Law XIII        Free Kicks - All free kicks are direct and opponent shall remain 4 yards from ball.


Law XIV        Penalty Kicks No penalty kicks.


Law XV         Throw-In Balls out of bounds (100% over the line) are put into play by the opposing team at the point on the touchline where the ball was kicked out of bounds. One re-throw/ team after instruction by official.


Law XVI        Goal Kick Goal kick is taken by defending team from any point on goal line. Opponents must be 4 yards away from ball.


Law XVII      Corner Kick Attacking team takes indirect corner kick. Opponents must allow 4 yards.


Opposing parents/coaches and players should shake hands after each game.

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